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Welcome to
Pensacola Beach Yoga

Sanctuary without walls. Community without striving. Connection without limitation.

Our Story

Pensacola Beach Yoga was born out of a love for the ocean, a belief in the transformative power of yoga, and a desire to create authentic community connection. 

Owner and Founder Laura Doiron began teaching yoga on the sandy beaches of California over a decade ago, where she quickly recognized the profound impact of practicing in nature and the potential for true and easeful connection it brings. Laura has taught thousands of studio classes since that time, but has continuously been drawn back to the ocean where presence is simplified, serenity is effortless, and inspiration is abounding. 

After moving to Pensacola in late 2022 and experiencing the stunning beaches of NWFL, the vision of PBY began to emerge. In February 2023, Pensacola Beach Yoga was officially established with an intention to bring the local wellness community together and to offer a place of belonging for anyone seeking connection. It’s a sanctuary without walls – a place where beauty is the teacher, the waves are the soundtrack – and where individuals can unite with nature's rhythms to connect more deeply within themselves. We invite individuals from all walks of life to come together in support of our collective wellbeing and share in the communal vision of Pensacola Beach Yoga.


Our Team

Our Partners

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